Friday, October 20, 2017

Associating Excel with Soul.

Something I understand enough to use for work had frequent episodes of connection to things I study in the area of the Nature of Real/As it appears to me/Energy formations.  The program, part of Microsoft Office, has levels and capabilities to make it applicable to a vast array of life ideas.  It calculates.  It "pictures".  It merges and divides, centers and texts.  It Hides and illustrates. It lets you add or remove columns and rows, and thereby sort your data according to those columns.

It can convert your data to graphs, charts or - I suspect - 3-D.  Because it connects to any other spread sheet you wish with a simple code, I realized, today, that after your data has been sorted, you may copy and paste that data onto a brand new worksheet and sort it according to a different sequence of the columns.  As you work and re-work your data, you discern errors and inaccuracies which you correct upon recognition.  Each correction then globally corrects wherever else that "cell ID-Entity" recognizes itself as a parallel  "probability" which Seth describes.

Body/Soul Partnership

The fate that awaits us is not dependent on our pace, which was pre-ordained before we ever appeared in Human Guise.
                                                                                      Daily Om
We awaken to the input from that "guise," alerting us that the Human Being s a separate entity from the Soul.  These are partners and operate best within a framework of mutually respectful communication.

Fostering misery, thwarting efforts, and leaving the body during its periods of sleep to enjoy alternative existence as "traveler" is not the Soul's best partnership behavior.  The indifference which Souls appear to demonstrate towards the "gross, dense, 3-D body" is not only offensive to the Human who serves freely and willingly, but denies the essence of  Human Spirituality - ostensibly the manner in which the Soul is learning sensory experience through duality of being.

While most likely it is true that "We Are Souls; We Have Bodies" it seems inappropriate that a Soul, so much more powerful and infinite than its current body, cops an immunity pass and disposes of that body in which it has incarnated in order to escape to freedom from earthly form.

Souls "embody" by virtue of substantial service and generosity on the part of mothers who allow these beings to gestate within their own bodies.  This "portal into physical manifestation" was neither an act of magic nor one of exclusively the Soul's choice.  Free Will and Choice are separate and individually meritorious.

Our Bodies wish us to understand that they are neither passive nor "disposable." 

The Human Body is a Life Form, a sentient being with sovereignty and dignity deserving of simple courtesies as Life joined to the Soul evolves.

Think of the Body/Soul relationship as a see-saw, alternating merge, or like jacking up a car with the right/left, step-by-step process of lifting.   The Body & Brain's connection to the Soul is veiled from awareness, the memory of it concealed in the subconscious.  On the other hand, the Soul IS capable of ever-presence and minding our minds being the point of exchange via which the Human Brain and the Soul's electro-magnetic composition are sorted into manifestation.

Dance Lessons are in order.  Let us take up the Mission of learning to move in concert, interactively.  Let us not expect our "Blind-to-the-Unknown" Human Guise to "just KNOW that it is driven by a multi-level, time-immune connection to the infinite Source.

Let us make the best use of our life energy, no longer testing the validity of the inspiration we experience because we are concerned that we are being "played" by the "rogue, majestic" elite who are feeding off our emotion, that most precious gift of the Human Guise.

Take utterly infallible faith in the realization that there is no Black and White.  All is White!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

About the Grays

About the Grays:

UFOlogy and Inter-Dimesional dialogue has eclipsed my interest in Politics.  EYES form from seemingly solid matter in my view and I am tazed by intelligentles "looking back" at me making eye contact in unexpected ways.  The latest, and most life-altering, was the Eagle/Dragon/Branch of an aged Lilac Tree in my garden.  I was so at my wit's end with the Race Card's ubiquitous "play" that I was talking to myself... I looked up - that is to say, my EYES were magnetically drawn up to an EYE drilling me with a look that said:  "Stop this.  Keep your energy to yourself.  This is not your fight.  Let any who would choose this path do so.  Get off this treadmill.  Be aware of all the EYES on you waiting to see you address this choice."

At that moment and ever since, the "Pretentious Progressives" were completely in my rear-view mirror and falling away.  But in that glance from the Dragon, I was shown arcs at every turn and began to "See."

Like Dan Burisch, I found the notion of Bio-Mechanics riveting enough that I "agreed" to work in a realm where legitimate scientists, engineers and inventors work at gunpoint, ever threatened with violent "push-back" for demonstrating curiosity, professional exchange or impulses to understand beyond "need to know."

"If you build it; they will come."  to your Field of Dreams.  But instead of the players referenced in that movie; the Team emerging is the Negro League Homestead Grays.  The Grays began in a suburb of Pittsburgh but played a portion of their Home games in Washington D.C.  They boasted numerous Hall of Famers like Cool Papa Bell, Ray Brown, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, Cum Posey and Jud Wilson.  All these players are honored in a facade at the Washington Nationals' ball park.

The Scene - a baseball diamond in a corn field in Iowa changes to a Crop Circle in a field of Barley in North Dakota.  Baerl - or Beer as it has come to be, is brewed from Barley and Hopps, seemingly to sustain baseball players and their fans.  6th Dimensional being, RA, could understand so much more if such a Game could be attended by the being.

The scene changes again.  Oil people from Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas light up the once invisible North Dakota with fracking activity.  No better way to make the most of night lighting than ball games in the Summer.  And from the Crop Circle a tradition evolves:  The Grays who come to play are not Human.  They are the 4 foot tall, disproportionately large heads with huge, almond shaped black eyes, no ears or lips, three-fingered clones we know as "Aliens."

Themselves normally serious; the Grays are understood to have an incredible sense of humor, to be capable of telepathic communication and are purposefully task-oriented.  When not conducting cattle mutilations, abductions of humans for dna material and assorted testing and generally showing off their piloting skills in any number of types of UFOs, the Grays are interested in a better understanding of Humanity.

Suited in impervious material that SSSSwwoooooosh!  sucks itself to the wearer's form and makes itself an extension of the wearer's own skin, the Grays take an interest in the mechanics, rules and "play" of the Game.  Unlike their "programmers," the Grays serve at their own discretion.  En-trained by a seemingly higher intelligence, they telepath as a species, all there is to know about their handlers as well as their "Subjects."

Here the Queen's EYEBROWSE flicker.  Subjects?  They rule those they abduct?

As in the District of Columbia, the Vatican and the City of London, Sovereignty and "Nationhood" is a factor of the Native Americans' Indian Nation in North Dakota.  Taxation, jurisdiction and "subjugation" are not the prerogative of even the Shadow  Government in the Black Hills.  Glyphs and Traditions of our Native American culture have depicted the Grays as far back as the hills themselves,  and encounters with them are spoken of matter-of-factly as nothing new or strange.

Monday, March 14, 2016

On Uppity's Post

I'm with Smith.  The parasite/Media is a phony entity unworthy of my attention and I no longer invest emotion into those who deliberately play me.  As for Bernie, he's as much a Democrat as the cannibals who have commandeered that decent party.  I mean, really, he only "caucused" with the Democrats because they made him a better offer.  Frankly, as an Independent, NOT a Democrat,  Sanders was as much a "Present" vote as the blank he hopes to succeed.  So this Clinton-Hating Gang has exposed Hillary for what I have come to see her to be:  a "Go Along to Get Along" still holding out Hope when the time to stand on her hind legs and represent Americans waits for her Grace.  Are Bill and Carville ANYWHERE in that Campaign?  Don't bother to answer that:  I can't pay attention long enough to find out.

At least Trump will do the #1 Job of the President:  Make Good Deals with world leaders so everybody comes out feeling like they made out.  As "It's The Economy, Stupid." proved, when people are making money, they don't care what the "President" is doing.  Hillary's too severe, too moralistic, too serious and hard-working.  She could stand to lighten up and be congenial - sincerely - with her haters.  They are afraid that she'll try to "straighten them up" and make them behave.  What I want to know is will she stand up to the Republicans who have been rat-holing the wealth of this country in Black Budget projects and get us a better deal with the Grays?  I want to hear her UFO stories and if she's on board with Disclosure.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

John Smith Blog: Welcome to the New World

Read Uppity Woman's re-post of her work on the worth of Turkey on the Dais and in the comment section, glimpsed the explanation John Smith, fabulous political observer, gave for his decision to ditch the blog for which we have all bowed, "Unworthy!"

It isn't fun, it's so depressing and the vibe is repulsive is the gist of his farewell.  I've been "there" for more than two years now.  Being a Democrat had come to impose a sense of shame on me - as I endured unmitigated insult from my asshole cousins and former County Committee colleagues.  It has been a wonderful four years,  I don't miss the "People."  I don't miss the craven "employers" and I don't even let the tv news play long enough to frame the black face much less intone that grating voice.

$Eighty-Seven Thousand, Seven Hundred and Thirty-Three$

It was the chant I used any time I caught myself processing a negative, blaming something or someone,slave-to-the-past thought.  As I practiced the thought re-direct, I found myself able to move past those whose hate game vibe had consumed me.   My life changed as I was able to let the Grays connect me to the Alternative Universe.  They told me about magnets.  They gave me "links"to things it was now time for me to learn about myself and the Universe that began to unfold as I left behind the disappointment and unacceptable "world" the media was attempting to force on me.

They showed me YouTube videos.  They showed me Ancient Aliens, Cattle Mutilations, the Cult of UFO Investigators and the declassified information about Deep Underground Military Bases and the "Black Budget."   It was like learning there is no Santa Clause.  My perspective accommodated this new Universe.  Linda Moulton-Howe's blog,, became my "encyclopedia" for names and connections.

I'm glad Smith has found something worth doing.  Something that gives him satisfaction and joy.  He loves what he's doing so much that he can no longer re-direct his energy to the parasites who have already robbed him of too much of his life and spirit.  Each time I have had to rebuild my life after discovering I had been "played" by a loved one, I find that, indeed, I am not alone.  That inner comforting voice always reminds me that I had gotten off my path, but this shocking, saddening, loss was the culmination of a learning exercise that I needed - much like Amy Pond in The Girl Who Waited - that was a bubble universe where I was alone with my Rory Robot companion, mastering System.  Mastery achieved, I am being returned to my Twenty Something life and Consciousness, my true Love and my "worth doing" work.

John Smith explains his decision eloquently; he regrets that he is vacating his Defense Against The Dark Arts Class.  But for sure, he covered a LOT of ground, touched many and made it clear that we who reject stand tall.  I quietly changed my voter registration last year to circulate a nominating petition for a dear friend who was running as a candidate for the "other party."  The Scrubbing Bubbles assured me they'd be busy cleaning up the stray trails and "typos" as I get up to speed.  I think the "bio-mechanics" Dan Burisch described helped me understand the "mistakes" we make in our efforts to do good.  Compartmentalization was what they were helping me understand.  "Need to Know" and the "underground economy" nobody every gets real proof of emerges from the Immersion.  The J-Rod changed my life.  I had to go to sleep for two days to process the notion that some Humans in this time and place have been engaged in the scientific micro-biological study of "Humans" on another time-line from "the future."  Seth reminds us that all time is NOW.  All is energy.  But we may collaborate, as Jane Roberts / Rupert did with the Entity, Seth, in the exchange that unveils the "impossible."

I will look forward to seeing how it goes for John Smith.  He kept a notebook of "Impossible Things," dropped the middle initial, Q and culled his Time Lordship into a watch as a protective measure.  I took up a relationship with another "Doctor," Martha Jones, whose professional insight was very similar to that of Surgeon-turned-Detective, Joan Watson's value to Sherlock Holmes.  The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe let me make the transfer from the conveyance that was the hard-working, trusting thing that I was to the exploring, enjoying "vehicle" that I have, again, become.  Once, on my Skates, and now, on my page.  They "took away my computer" and gave me a job.  They let me hear about Danny's experience of a  "Soul Transfer" whereby he absorbed the energy but not the Consciousness of another little boy.  It was the dying son of a Magestic-12 Committee entity,  Embodiment of that Entity "entitles" Dan to membership of that very committee.  Danny's dna lined up with some of that boy's dna, and some of it did not.  So the being that Danny is merges with another.  It's a Spirit thing,  All is All.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tentative Admissions

Maple Leaf - Symbol of Canada
I now view the world through Harry Potter's glasses - well, the frames at least.  The journey through the swirl which began in earnest a few years ago brought me face to face with surprise that leave led me up to discerning that magic is real.  Harry never learned of his Wizard heritage until his ELEVEnth birthday when Hagrid arrived on a motorcycle (one his Godfather, Sirius' shared with his father, BSA/Triumph,) to escort him to Platform 9-3/4 where he could board the Hogwart's Express and begin his education.  My "transport" to the )-( was a little knob growing at the base of the spreading Maple in my front yard.  For the briefest moment, it made eye contact with me and asked: "Can we be friends?"  This "ask" moved through me as an undeniable vibe, one that clarified that the "Impression" in the knot was of a robed, monastic figure seated, relaxed and at peace.  Moments later, the TV announced that Pope Benedict was resigning.  Just as my hastily sketched impression of a crucified Christ preceded the news that John Lennon had passed from this dimension, the energy of the transfer of communication through extra-sensory perception tap'd me for deliverance.  Each anomalous pixel smiles the constellation into focus.  Today, Bene, tree elf of the Order of the Maple, Royal Order of Sartorial Splendor,  visits me elsewise.  A whisper behind the veil awoke me this morning wondering if Kate Gosselin had given her sextuplets Ahm-ish names.  Try as I might, I could only remember Aaden, Collin and Hannah.  I looked them up and completed the grouping:  Alexis, Joel and Leah.  German names to be sure.  Of Pennsylvania Dutch country, and very near German immigrants to Penn's Woods' norm.   We hope to receive the new Pope next year, here in the Keystone State at the World Meeting of Families.

"We're so about the simple things," the Grays say.  At Boston, they hinted of indications of an overtaking race.  Neither one in conflict nor bent on conquest.  All we are, Plus.

Monday, May 13, 2013

As Lenny Bruce had observed; they WANT to believe him:(

Any woman who has survived a cad boyfriend or unfaithful husband can tell you that she suppressed her awareness and chose to replace what she experienced with what the man  told her she had seen, heard and felt.  The importance of the relationship, upon which her "happiness" is built takes precedence over the reality she would alternatively confront.

Today, the spun thread of their "Perils of Pauline President" vs. a ruthless Republican Party binding his innocent ass to the track he laid to "leave town" while the Benghazi heat dies out.  Swirls another thread of sheer incredulity that this whole thing defies logic, and being churned for political effect, conveying to his protective, adoring bots that the time has come to surround their little Princess with the expected, moreover demanded end to this suggesting that the history serves to "tamp down" the hysteria on this matter.

Obats, Media and Democrats, the truth will set you free.  What manner of politician poses as a Leader while bearing zero responsibility for or acknowledgement of anything his agencies do?  We learn that confronting our tests of readiness makes us ready.  There is, indeed, a logic to this campaign master's protests and pleas.  His mission is neither to protect nor defend the Constitution, despite the Oath which was purportedly administered to him.  He wishes to be viewed as doing what is perceived to be the "right thing," yet this campaign addict cannot penetrate the shallow, spreading swarm of his own "attention blindness" magic trick to emerge from his illusion.

In forgiveness mode, it is possible for this observer to suspend disbelief and agree that the demeanor of the "helpless manipulator" in the presence of the British Prime Minister whose country has been snubbed and insulted by him is a cornered animal primed for a revealing, surprisingly "logical" act of deviance defiance motivated by shock that his long-loyal supporters would ask him to be "The One We Have Been Waiting For."

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sandberg's Sandbaggers

Sheryl Sandberg sat down for a 60 Minutes interview aired last night.  She faced a female reporter who, as I recall in 2008, was beguiled by the manner in which Candidate Obama had "Gamed the System" of the Democratic Primary as though it were an accomplishment instead of the crime for which she should have been outraged as a Citizen.

FaceBook was an Idea that took off - fueled by technology and permitting far-flung families to stay in constant touch.  But in the world of techies, they typically cloister "expertise," and to the despair of Baby Boomers, are devoid of people skills.  Customer Service and insight into what makes the Economy work, about what makes Families Function and what makes America Great has been eclipsed by the Cocaine Dealers' approach to 'bidness.' 

But Sandberg would have succeeded wherever she tried.  She made good choices and honed her relationships, her networks and her ability to apply her gains to her opportunities.  Few PEOPLE master this, much less Women, but rest assured, plenty of people in lower profile positions are incredibly successful and know of what Sandberg speaks but share her "recessive" gene of remaining in the background, avoiding leadership for even themselves much less others. 

In studying the principles of success, I learned how sharing ones' dreams with more than one other person works against one.  A Partnership Trustee is needed.  A network of support is not.  "Just Do It" means "Don't TALK about it."  My Keys keep tempting me to go Canadian with the A Boot thing when I'm trying to be ABout. 

At the 75 mile mark on my first Athens to Atlanta skate, the observers had come to accept that my finishing well ahead of most of my competition was a given.  But NOBODY considered that to even be a POSSIBILITY before I reached that moment.  I was putting a right skate in front of the left as "This is Major Tom to Ground Control" played on my Walkman and the longest, last real hill of the route was the final obstacle before me. 

It mattered not what anybody else said, thought or did.  It mattered that I worked my plan with dogged determination and believed that what I envisioned was do-able.  I reached a point where I could not go another step and then I kept going; the essence of endurance work.  Being a success is just that: Endurance Work that carries you through doubt, past fear onward beyond your expectations.

Observers HAVE NO CLUE what is happening.  They are - by your very endurance - being set up to learn a very valuable lesson.  Never say "Never." and Never, when they say your success is "Inevitable," expect them to actually sit back and "Let the Inevitable happen."  Sandberg let us in on the true secret of her success:  she never attracted attention to herself from the jealous, cranky, malicious who would put more energy into trashing her and spoiling her advance than into their own duties.  They would never understand the potential for buying IN with her and would reactively find resources they never called on prior to noticing her, to thwart and deny her.  Save a little for the last obstacle, for the loser team at the bottom who has no hope for a championship but would salve bruised ego and the pangs of conscience for their laziness by taking down the Champ.  (read Barak Obama.) 

The only thing Women need to "learn" is that.  Expect cheaters to come out of the woodwork and steal your earnings, promotions and customers.  Pre-Empt that inevitability with whatever you can hold onto and process it along with everything else that has kept you on track.  It needen't shock or disappointment you that many, many women will join the effort to cheat you.  It's what people do.

Oh, and since Benรจ said to, I'm posting this today:  Donald Wuerl is it.